Dedicated to helping businesses achieve success beginning with proper record keeping.


Panoramic Enterprises – Weekly/Bi-weekly Client since 1994

“Linda’s professionalism and accuracy gives me the confidence to focus on the parts of my business that I excel at. Her organization is the reason I take vacations without worry.”

Michael Schmerl – Owner

FL Padella co., Inc – Quarterly Client since 1998

“We have been using Bottom Line Bookkeeping in our business for 10?+ years. Linda has always taken excellent care of our business! Thanks!”

Micheline Padella – President

Fish Window Cleaning – Monthly Client since 2002

“Bottom Line Bookkeeping is like a member of the family. Linda works for her customers with the same excellence and concern she would give her best friend. She cares! She always does her best and has a wealth of knowledge – that a customer benefits from each time she comes to work.”

Sue Smith – Owner
Successfully sold and retired

Alden Bar & Grill – Monthly Client since 2002

“We have recommended Bottom Line to our fellow business owners. Linda is very knowledgeable, accurate, punctual and friendly. What a great combination!”

Walt & Dee Owens – Owners
Sucessfully sold and retired

Sharon Edson, Realtor with Real Estate One – Monthly Client since 2006

“My prior bookkeeping service was more expensive and at the end of the year I received a lengthy list of items I needed to search for in order for my CPA to complete taxes. This was time consuming and frustrating to say the least. This hasn’t been the case with “The Bottom Line”. I appreciate your professionalism and thoroughness. I have confidence things will be handled properly and promptly. If a piece of information is missing, I receive a call and can produce it when it is current and easy to find. Thank you!”

Sharon Edson – Realtor

Bellwether Gardens – Consulting Client since 2006

“I do most of my own bookkeeping, but when QuickBooks throws in a ringer, Bottom Line is already on top of it and can talk me out of trouble with a phone call. Like Emergency Services, I don’t want to be without them.”

Gail Ingraham – Owner

Advance Computer Solutions – Quarter Client since 2007

“Bottom Line has been very easy to work with and are our first line of ‘go to’ people with QuickBooks problems.”

Jim Bolinski – Owner

Waara Technologies – Consulting Client since 2007

“Bottom Line Bookkeeping has been a wonderful asset to our business. They have provided intense training, expertise, convenience, accessibility and a variety of services that have revolutionized our accounting practices. They will take any business and bring it to the next level!”

Jeanette Waara – Office Administration

Eastfield Laundry – Consulting Client since 2008

“Bottom Line Bookkeeping we found to be very knowledgeable about the QuickBooks programs, dependable with a fast pace service.”

James Legato

Packer Builders, Inc – Consulting Client since 2008

“Linda personally visited our place of business, took us step by step through QuickBooks set-up and explained the features and benefits of the program. A very courteous and professional organization.”

Bill Packer – Owner

Werthmann Business and Life Coaching – Weekly Client since 2009

“Linda and I just hit if off. I depend on Linda and Bottom Line Bookkeeping to keep my invoices accurate, timely and in order; as well as monthly bank and credit card reconciliations. Her expertise is second to none! It’s nice to hire someone who plays at what I would have to work at. It is a pleasure to do business with someone who is as passionate at their business as I am with mine. Do yourself, your business and your CPA a favor and hire The Bottom Line Bookkeeping, the peace of mind is priceless.”

Debby Werthmann – Owner